TV and Twitter


ITV's Primal Screen study showed that TV is a more effective environment for advertisers when part of a shared cultural experience – so called 'bonding moments'
We also learned from the study that in the most intense moments respondents often took to social media, using it to help GATHER more people together, feel a deeper sense of INVOLVEMENT with the content, EXTENDING the memory and impact of the content long after transmission. Our TV & Twitter study allowed us to go further – measuring precisely how and why ITV & Twitter works together to create shared experiences.

There were three core objectives:

1. Understand the relationship between ITV content and twitter engagement
2. Understand HOW different types of activity on twitter enhances ITV's ability to create the shared moment
3. Demonstrate how this benefits advertiser brands

The top 5 key findings:

  • ITV with Twitter is a powerful brand environment
  • Multi-screening brand planning is only truly effective if the audiences experience of the two platforms is synchronised
  • Motivations rather than behaviours provide the key to designing synchronised brand experiences
  • Research reveals 4 key motivations for picking up Twitter with TV in the first place.
  • Different types of content are more likely to deliver against different motivations And different types of motivation suit different types of creative execution

ITV and Twitter