ITV Talent: A Framework for Success

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Talent endorsements of brands are often regarded as a risky, hit or miss affair, if not planned correctly. ITV is increasingly developing commercial partnership opportunities with well known talent and we have worked with Bournemouth University (BU) Faculty of Media & CommunicationYouGov and Neurosense to help us understand the value and effective use of celebrity in advertising.


  • To understand how talent led advertising works.
  • To understand the impact of talent advertising.
  • To understand the impact of talent led advertising on brands.


  • Talent led spot creative is effective, because talent has symbolic, aspirational associations for viewers.
  • By virtue of their profile and engaging attributes, talent is able to transfer these image values to the products.
  • Credibility & Audience Connection with Talent is all important, but the Strategic Link is always key.
  • Inclusion of Talent in TV Advertising lifts engagement, interest and recall.
  • Inclusion of Talent in a brand’s advertising has multiple benefits and is effective at promoting both new and established brands.

This study is a continuation of our Fusion research programme in which we explore each of our 5 elements to demonstrate why it is a recipe for successful partnerships.

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