ITV commissions new musical game show, Change Your Tune

“I'm so excited to be looking for, not the very best singers in the country, but the very worst. This is a completely unique take on the singing show genre - it's a feel good and celebratory show that'll have everyone at home cheering on their favourite; it's going to be great fun and I honestly, can't wait to get started.”

Baz Ashmawy , Presenter

ITV has commissioned a brand new singing game show where a host of unlikely singers are hoping to ‘Change their Tune’ to win an amazing cash prize.

In each episode Change Your Tune - hosted by Baz Ashmawy, challenges five truly terrible singers to unearth their inner falsetto or master the perfect vibrato as they perform in front of a live studio audience.  

In this latest ‘time travel’ format from producers Twofour, viewers will get to see the transformations from awful singer to polished performer in an instant. After weeks of training, our contestant will be revealed to give their once-in-a-life time performance as they sing to try and win the show.

The studio audience will score each performance and the level of improvement ultimately deciding who has ‘Changed Their Tune’ the most. Each week the winning contestant will walk away with a cash prize.

Change Your Tune is commissioned by Siobhan Greene, Head of Entertainment Commissioning, ITV. Executive producers are Melanie Leach and Andrew Mackenzie, Twofour and the Series Producer is Lee Smithurst, Twofour.

“Everyone would love to be able to sing and seeing the truly awful transformed into the truly awesome is an incredibly heart-warming and entertaining moment. We’re thrilled to be working with Siobhan Greene and her team at ITV on the series.”

Andrew Mackenzie , Chief Creative Officer of the Twofour Group