Advertising on ITV is not as expensive as you might think. Packages of airtime in the Meridian region can be bought for as little as £5,820* 

Extend your TV campaign across the full Meridian region on the ITV Hub for as little as £600, or target down to even Town level.

To help make your TV advertising as targeted and effective as possible the Meridian region is also divided into three micro regions: ITV Meridian South East, ITV Meridian Thames Valley and ITV Meridian South Coast. To find out more about the benefits of advertising in Meridian, the South-East macro region or any of the Meridian micro regions, please contact us on 0844 8814 377.

*based on Meridian Thames Valley

Location Highlights

  • In the Meridian region alone ITV reaches 2.8m adults in a week

  • In ITV Meridian 97% of Adults watch televison and 86% watch ITV
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TV has been working brilliantly for us. Our sales over the past 5 years have quadrupled since advertising with ITV.
We are forward booking installations well into May because we have so many sales.

Matt Edwards , Consumer Sales Manager, Swale Heating