Unwrap Joy with Cadbury's


Needless to say, Christmas is key for Cadbury. In 2013, increased competition from Lindt and Thornton's had caused a loss of market share. So for Christmas 2014, Cadbury needed a different and daring approach. They wanted to communicate their new brand positioning of ' Irrepressible Joy' to lift them back to pack leader.


Chocolate makes us happy. Christmas makes us happy. FACT! If we married the two, we'd have the start of a very powerful partnership. But we needed more than powerful... we wanted irrepressible too. So we had to identify some special missing ingredients: celebrities.


The idea came from the photos of Fearne Cotton's wedding in Hello. The pictures were definitely joyful but what really got us thinking was who was there: it was a 'who's who?' of ITV talent. These guys and girls were clearly friends on and off screen: they had not only a unique relationship with each other but also with our audiences.

By combining talent, content AND Cadbury we could creatively deliver 'Irrepressible Joy' to the whole country.


We joined forces with Celebrity Juice's production team and created 14 superb co-branded short films featuring ITV's top talent.

We piled Keith Lemon, Phil Schofield, Christine Bleakley, Stephen Mulhern, Paddy McGuiness, and Fearne Cotton into a special Christmas room together... and filmed the messy chaos on 18 different cameras, whilst they enjoyed playing games like Secret Santa and Charades together.

The films ran across the ITV schedule in the lead up to Christmas combined with Cadbury sponsoring all of ITV's Christmas output.

We shared the content through ITV, Cadbury, YouTube, Facebook the films being seen 3.9 million times and delivering 10 million impressions across Twitter.

The talent voluntarily posted on Facebook and Twitter, sharing the films with their 12 million fans.


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    Cadbury went from losing share in 2013 to selling 27 million units - a 5.8% growth.
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    Purchase intent went from 57% to 87%, according to SPA research.
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    Favourable brand sentiment was boosted by 7%, putting it in the top 92% of all candy and snacks campaigns on Facebook globally.

Cadbury's are the perfect fit for this exciting and unique partnership with ITV to unwrap joy across the festive period. The innovative activity is a great example of how ITV can work closely with advertisers and talent across a number of platforms to deliver a highly dynamic and unique campaign.

Simon Daglish , ITV’s Deputy Managing Director, Commercial