SunLife wanted to give the over 50 market an authentic voice and show how these years can in fact, be the best times of your life. The DRTV advertiser wanted to evolve from daytime TV to enter a new environment of quality peak programming. Doing this would mean that the SunLife brand would reach a more upmarket audience, whilst changing perceptions and building brand affinity.


The over 50's market have had enough of being patronised in advertising. SunLife saw this as an opportunity to show this market that there's an alternative to the norm. They also knew that this growing audience (by 2030, 40% of the UK population will be over 50) is still largely ignored by advertisers.


SunLife wanted to create a provocative campaign that would tackle ageism in advertising head on. The message was simple – people don’t need to worry about life after 50, they can look forward to it, welcome it and embrace it. They also wanted viewers to associate the brand with this new positive movement for the over 50’s.


First, SunLife sponsored ITV Encore, with idents featuring real people in their 50’s and 60’s engaging in their passions. This was followed by the launch of the main  ITV Solus brand campaign, which introduced the ‘Welcome to life after 50’ idea in a memorable, humorous way. Plus, 30 second TV and radio spots, supported by positive content on their social channels. From the Big 50 research Sun Life gathered, they created reams of PR stories to catapult the ad campaign into the public eye.


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During the campaign SunLife was the most talked about financial services brand in the UK (YouGov’s brand tracking).