Quality Street and Coronation Street


The challenge for Quality Street was how they go about doing more with less. They wanted to own the pre-Christmas gifting market, whilst being associated with shared family moments.


Quality Street and Coronation Street are two of the nations favourite brands, creating a fusion between the two would form the basis of a perfect partnership that the nation understood and loved. 


There were three key ideas behind the Quality Street Campaign. The first idea was to dominate the key mass reached shared viewing moments across the important pre-gifting period. The second was to engage with the fans of the biggest shows on commercial TV via ITV, then finally tying all of the media into a really neat, exclusive and unique consumer experience relevant the Christmas period. 


Quality Street’s existing TV ad had ran for two years prior to this campaign. However, rather than creating a whole new ad ITV worked in collaboration with JWT and Zenith to produce a 10 second ad, which reinvigorated their TV campaign so there was a seamless continuation of the story. During the on air ad, a competition was launched, which gave people the chance to win a party on Coronation Street. This was promoted by Quality Street via their social platforms and through ITV’s digital channels via the use of traffic drivers, splash reveals and brand apps such as The X Factor.


“The most amazing prize for our competition winners.  ITV pulled together an event we could all be proud of with a great team effort.  Many thanks on behalf of the Quality Street team."

Jonathan Smith , Senior Brand Manager of Nestle

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