Oykos and Mark Wright


Danone needed to connect its Oykos yogurt brand emotionally with its target consumers.


Talent that are both likeable and familiar to a target consumer can be highly effective at conveying emotional brand benefits and associations. Mark Wright fitted this profile perfectly for Oykos.


The idea was to create an ITV co-branded, talent-led campaign using Mark Wright as the on screen ambassador for Oykos and give viewers the chance to appear alongside him in the TV commercial through a social recruitment drive.


The 8-week TV campaign ran across ITV channels inviting viewers to upload a photo of themselves to the Oykos Facebook page and detail why they should be considered to feature in the commercials. Different winners were selected across the campaign and using a social engagement platform from specialists Never.no. we were able to to create unique versions of the brand adverts with their imagery to give them their "moment of fame" next to Mark.


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