Life on Your Doorstep with Woodland Trust


The conservation trust were finding that environmental charities are very much low priority with the public and The Woodland Trust needed to change this perception by raising awareness of the charity in order to increase donations and consideration for days out.


As we needed to get people considering the Woodland Trust as a weekend destination, we needed to target them at the point of consideration and research shows that when weekend plans are made, the weather is always taken into consideration as it can completely influence decisions.


Research showed that families tend to plan their weekends on Friday nights and as the weather is such a high influencing factor, and our coverage reaches over 90% of the UK every year, the ITV weather update seemed like the perfect place for the Woodland Trust to advertise.

Viewers have a natural affinity with weather presenters so Woodland Trust enlisted the help of National weather presenter, Lucy Verasamy to promote the charity's fantastic initiatives including great days out in local woods.

They were also after a campaign that would give them longevity so that they could communicate three messages; Nature Detectives Club, Enjoy the Woods and Autumn Colours.



July - October, every Friday at 18:28

The team worked with ITN and Millbank to produce contextually relevant ads which were aired in specially-created breaks between the local and national weather for 14 weeks.

Alongside three different advertising executions, Nature Detective's Club, Enjoy the Woods and Autumn Colours, the partnership was further amplified through Lucy's blog on the Woodland Trust site, which linked to extended content across The Guardian and regional press. This campaign was supported by print, as we also worked alongside the Guardian and Trinity Mirror in a joint sales house pitch to the client. They ran campaigns alongside our TV ad in both print and online; weekend supplements, small ads, booklets, digital hubs, rich media take overs to further amplify the on screen activity.


Use of assets and weather watermark + Lucy's name

1 x package

2 x blogs

Use of assets across various media


Ad Button campaign alongside broadcast activity


Those exposed to the TV advertising are two times more likely to have visited a Woodland Trust site in the last three months.

Immediacy of donating in last three months increased almost five-fold for those exposed to creative.

  • 92% of those exposed to TV advertising are aware of Woodland Trust. (v82% of those who were unexposed to TV advertising).
  • 60% would agree they have knowledge of the charity (v 38% unexposed).
  • Over a third are aware of sites in local area, this is 125% higher than those unexposed.

Distinct behaviour using unique ITV talent resulted in memorable TV advertising, which was perceived as credible and believable.

  • 73% agreed they liked the presenter (Lucy) in the adverts
  • 63% agreed the presenter made the content more believable, trustworthy and credible.
  • 61% agreed Lucy was relevant to the message and 69% agreed she was an appropriate fit with the brand.