Graham & Brown and ITV


Graham & Brown has become famous for its wallpaper range for over 70 years. Innovative non-woven technology had enabled it to develop its Superfresco EASY brand, which halved decorating time through pasting the wall not the paper. With clutter and competition in the major sheds and specialists, cut through was key to drive awareness, consideration and ultimately sales.


Press struggles to get across the process which makes this such a great product. The campaign was timed to take advantage of the fashion-ability of wallpaper and inspire home improvers to consider buying Superfresco EASY rather than slower means of wallpapering and doing it themselves rather than get a decorator to paper their homes. 


Using our Business For All initiative to support new to TV or returning brands, as well as our creative production team, we not only made the TV ad in-house, but also matched investment from the brand to double its impact on ITV.


We worked with the Superfresco brand team from storyboard concepts through to set build, using product demonstration to bring to life and showcase the unique brand benefit that it offers easy to fit wallpaper products, designed to make hanging wallpaper as simple as possible – for a fraction of the cost that had been quoted previously and making the ad at cost price.

The campaign ran in ITV North - a key sales region for the brand - with a mixture of daytime and peak spots to ensure it delivered huge reach amongst the target audience of female decision-makers, placed around some of ITV's most famous shows such as This Morning and Cold Feet. 



Comparing results for North region to the rest of the UK, Superfresco EASY saw a massive uplift, capitalising on the fact that 3.8m women (57% of the target audience) saw the ad on average 6.5 times.

“It was great to work with ITV again, and they couldn’t have been more helpful. We worked directly with them in creative and production and as a result we produced an affordable, engaging campaign with impressive results”

Alan Kemp , Head of Marketing, Graham & Brown

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    Brand awareness growing 43% in North of England significantly outperforming the rest of the UK.
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    Brand consideration rising 6%, at the expense of competitor consideration which remained flat.
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    Superfresco Easy related website traffic grew by over 300%, from 6.5k sessions to 27k. Other traffic to the site grew by 20% with 19k of the growth attributed to the TV campaign.  Key account sales for Superfresco EASY across the trade were up 48%.
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    One retail group saw total sales saw a 63% uplift in the North region, 10% points higher than the overall total sales uplift across the network.