Edge Recruitment


The big challenge of the campaign was to raise awareness of EDGE Apprenticeships in order to drive viewers to the website and increase the number of placements.


TV was the ideal media solution. EDGE were able to target a broad audience with ITV programming such as Emmerdale and This Morning reaching potential apprentices along with businesses who were interested in taking on apprentices. 


We needed to challenge the perception that the farming industry was just about muddy boots and sheep. EDGE wanted to target people outside the industry, who had never considered farming before and demonstrate that farming is a high tech, highly skilled industry. 


EDGE ran a campaign on ITV VoD alongside the airtime activity to further extend the reach of the campaign. ITV worked closely to help arrange filming and supported the client throughout the whole process. 


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    Of adults saw the campaign at least once in the Anglia East region
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    During the month when the advert was aired, there was a significant increase in the number of enquiries from people who had seen the advert on television. The site as a whole received a 131% shift increase in unique visitors (compared to the previous month).
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    The ‘opportunities’ section of the site saw a 189% shift increase in unique visitors. EDGE received positive feedback from partner organisations and were overwhelmed with the response the campaign generated.