Corrie and Emmerdale go contactless with Visa


To make contactless payment with Visa feel familiar and commonplace in order to make the public more comfortable with using the service; making a new behaviour feel every day.


40 million contactless cards have been issued but only 6.7m were used for a contactless transaction during January 2015. This problem appeared largest in the towns and villages of Northern England.


The answer was Behavioural Placement and so for the first time on UK TV, we wouldn’t place a product, but we’d place a behaviour - using Visa contactless. All of which would help to make the use of contactless more relevant and less daunting, particularly in the Northern parts of the country. We know that Product Placement has been proven to be most effective when used in a natural setting, and the fit here couldn’t have been better.


Visa embedded the behaviour and technology into the homely surroundings of The Woolpack and cafe in Emmerdale and Dev’s Shop and Nick’s Bistro in Corrie, reaching the homes of more than 12 million adults every week.

The action of contactless payment was then threaded through into the storylines, with completely natural interactions; impacting even the most resistant non-users. Not only did Visa show characters using the card machine (complete with the beep sound you’d hear in real life!), but they also placed stickers in key locations. What could make the action seem more everyday than Norris using Contactless to buy his milk from Dev’s shop?


The campaign went live during January 2015 and led to a huge uplift in awareness, with 88%* of Corrie and Emmerdale viewers agreeing that Visa contactless helps make payments drama-free.

The behavioural placement has also driven the perception that contactless is normal, with the statement ‘contactless is widely accepted’ seeing significant shifts in agreement vs. those who do not watch the shows.

Viewers are also using their cards more, with usage jumping from 11% to 15%, again out-stripping the average growth. Since the campaign started there are 50% more active cards for contactless.

Driven by the success of this campaign, VISA have also gone on to extend their relationship with the Soaps even further for 2016 as well as branching out into new areas with us.

*Source: Future Thinking Research May 2015