Compare The Market and Coronation Street


Compare the Market wanted to make life’s admin easy and more interesting than other platforms.


Everyone loves Compare The Market’s meerkat family and Coronation Street. Due to Corrie having a diverse range of families, partnering the two together enabled the meerkats to be another family on the cobbles who had their own stories to tell.


Compare the Market wanted to align their values with Corrie and the feeling of warmth fans have towards the show. They also wanted to represent admin tasks to be ‘simple’ by using this as their slogan.


To activate their campaign and align their values with Corrie, in 2012  Compare the Market filmed their broadcast idents on the Corrie cobbles. These idents see Compare the Market’s much loved Russian meerkat family carry out their own storylines amongst key locations in Coronation Street. This alone, made the brand synonymous with the show.

As well as this, ITV gave Compare the Market one side of the Granada Studio to showcase a branded meerkat poster. During their time at Granada, a meerkat rendition of the Corrie theme music was created, which developed the partnership further.

 In 2017, a Compare Corrie quiz launched on Compare the Market’s platform. This was ground breaking for Compare the Market as they were able to use talent imagery, which hadn’t been done before. The quiz was also seen being mimicked by the meerkats in ’Kovonation Street’; a Russian version of Coronation Street, which received great feedback from the public on social media.

To push their car insurance and website SEO, a live stream was carried out on the Compare the Market website. This involved a treasure hunt in the ITV Studios car park, whereby players online had to guess from clues the location of cars on the website. The winner had the chance to win a VW Golf. Compare the Market’s partnership with Corrie enabled them to do this, and facilitate the nation’s biggest treasure hunt.


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