Chips for tea in Emmerdale


McCain wanted to set themselved apart from competitiors and the family-focused countryside home of Emmerdale was the ideal place to do it.


McCain's marketing director Mark Hodge commented: "Emmerdale is modern, family-focused and set in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, providing lots of positive associations with farming and natural British produce.

"It is a perfect fit for the McCain brand and provides us with a fantastic opportunity to connect with our core target consumer and set ourselves apart from our competitors by communicating the key values of the brand."


Our own Commercial Content Director Gary Knight added: "Emmerdale is one of ITV's most iconic programmes and we are delighted to welcome a brand with the stature and heritage of McCain as the new sponsor of the show for the next 24 months. We look forward to working with them to make this truly integrated partnership a great success."

The product placement was part of the wider two-year partnership signed with the beloved ITV show, and allowed for McCain to use the Emmerdale brand in its marketing and in-store promotion.


Emmerdale residents were thrilled to discover that David's shop had now begun stocking McCain's frozen foods, and on-screen families were soon seen tucking into delicious chips for their tea. McCain's 'Chip Chip Hooray' poster also appeared on the side of the Emmerdale bus.

This product placement was part of an integrated broadcast sponsorship partnership and hopefully David's profits were up too as a result!


  • Amongst those that recalled the placements, 9 in 10 (91%) thought they were natural and seamless.
  • Viewers claimed that the Product Placement positively influenced their opinion of McCain and Emmerdale, serving as a motivation to buy McCain, with 45% agreeing that their opinion of McCain was improved as a result of the placements.
  • Delivering an average of 106 exposures and 368 seconds worth of PP value on screen each month
Read below some extracts from the research conducted on this partnership:
  • "I love Emmerdale it is my favourite soap so using McCain products to sponsor the soap makes me more likely to lean towards McCain."
  • "I really enjoy eating the product and this would remind me if I needed to stock up."

Millward Brown (Mar/Apr 2015)

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