Connected Lives


Connected LIVES

Connected LIVES are watching more TV than ever before, but they are still by far the biggest consumers of on-demand content too, watching 22 minutes more per week than in Wave 2. Clearly it is still the case that on-demand content offers an extra layer of convenience in their lives.

Watching on-demand content on a tablet device has increased by 49% this wave and is now the most likely device for on-demand viewing. This is clearly an influence of the rise in tablet ownership amongst Connected LIVES – the biggest uplift of all LIVES vs. wave 2.


Not only has this rise in tablet ownership inspired a growth in on-demand viewing, it has also impacted on the frequency of access to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Dual-screen activity has also grown this wave – in particular around ‘shopping’ whilst watching TV (+50% wave on wave).

What this means for brands

Targeting Connected LIVES means brands need to consider integrating their Above the Line activity with social media in order to create talkability and encourage word of mouth. Optimising this activity for Tablet devices should be key.

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