Busy Lives



Whilst the average number of hours watching TV has declined wave on wave, there is still a huge proportion of Busy LIVES who have watched TV live at the time of broadcast. For this group, event TV appears to be the driver for live TV viewing with 85% agreeing with the statement: “Watching TV together can be a real family event”.

Busy LIVES are more likely than the average adult to watch on-demand content on all platforms, but particularly on tablet devices. The amount of on-demand content they view per week has increased by 22 minutes this wave.

51% of Busy LIVES now own a tablet, the highest of all LIVES groups. Accessing the Internet via these tablet devices is most likely for Busy LIVES (Index 175 vs. Adults), and usage of tablet devices in a dual-screen environment has also seen an increase of +13% wave on wave.


Like all other LIVES groups, ‘Shopping’ whilst watching TV is the multi-screen activity to see the most growth this wave (+23% vs. wave 2).

What this means for brands

Targeting Busy LIVES means brands need to focus on quality more than quantity and the key is to build brand meaning for the peer group. Attention should be applied to dual-screen experiences delivered during event TV moments through tablet devices.

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