All Day Breakfast

ITV Breakfast has launched All Day Breakfast; a research study that gets to the heart of viewers' hidden needs and emotions during Breakfast.

We've demonstrated how Good Morning Britain & Lorraine has the power to gather viewers together, engage them and prime them for advertising messages for the day ahead.

Using semiotics and implicit-association testing, the research sheds new light on the breakfast daypart: 

  • Viewers’ true emotions at breakfast
  • The enduring power of breakfast TV during the day
  • The relevance of breakfast across product categories
  • What ITV uniquely brings to breakfast

ITV has previously proven that breakfast is impactful in its own right with one third of ITV Breakfast viewers’ weekday spend occurring in the three hours after breakfast. Through the ‘All Day Breakfast’ study, ITV has uncovered that breakfast is also a great time to introduce and impress consumers with new ideas at a time of day when they are at their most accepting.

Headlining, over 61% of ITV Breakfast viewers are seen to love hearing about new ideas over breakfast. This occurs across a huge range of categories not typically seen or explored at breakfast: Technology; Travel; Finance; Insurance; Automotive; and Utilities.

Pivotally, for the first time ever, ITV Breakfast have looked beyond the breakfast daypart to unearth insights on how breakfast has the potential to set brands as well as consumers up for the day ahead. 68% of consumers are seen to take more notice of ads on TV in the evening if they’re ones they also saw at breakfast. This rises to 76% for parents!

In essence ‘All Day Breakfast’, highlighting the importance to:

  1. Think Differently – Shifting the traditional view of breakfast from efficiency, to one that encompasses: Togetherness; Optimism; Truth; and Transgression
  2. Think Broadly – Breakfast time is a perfect time of day for brands from a range of categories to land commercial messages with consumers
  3. Think Beyond – Advertising at breakfast can increase the impact of your ad messaging later on in the day

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