After a dramatic year, the residents of Emmerdale will have a lot to reflect on over Christmas. With Ashley’s dementia worsening, wife Laurel is determined to make it a happy Christmas for the family – but will she succeed?

Last Christmas saw Zak Dingle leave wife Lisa for lover Joanie. The Dingles are yet again set to celebrate Christmas together, but with now-married Zak and Joanie there, will it be a happy gathering or could the boat get rocked once again?

Kerry finds herself in hot water this New Year when she sets Cain Dingle’s caravan alight, unaware a drowsy Zak could still be inside. Kerry has pushed her luck too far once again, but could she end up losing grandson Kyle over this – or will ex-flame Dan come to her rescue?

After having admitted to shooting his grandfather, Lachlan White is back in court in January. But will he get sent down, or will a protective family member save him from serving time behind bars?

Debbie Dingle will make an explosive return to the village early next year, leaving chaos in her wake. Having spent the last year in France, she is now on the run – but who is Debbie running from? And how long will it be before Cain and Charity come to her rescue?

Key Data

GenreFactual, Drama
Target AudienceFemale
DaypartPeak, Daytime

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