Birds of a Feather Christmas Special


Sharon, Tracey and Dorien embark on an adventure to Tangier, Morocco to search for Tracey’s missing son, Travis. Travis has finally been allowed to fly the nest on a gap year…to Spain. However, nobody has heard from Travis in four days and he was last seen getting on a ferry to Morocco with his girlfriend. Tracey is convinced something terrible has happened to him. She’s on the next flight and Sharon, not one to pass up on the chance of a holiday, insists she’s going with her. Dorien invites herself along as it’s a great opportunity to get material for her saucy new book.

On arriving in Tangier, the Birds end up in Dicks Bar run by Vince (Martin Kemp) Dorien’s romantic interest at Darryl’s funeral. Vince reviews the bar’s CCTV footage to see Travis being arrested in a police raid. Tracey heads to the police station with British Consul Rupert Julian-Jones (Robert Portal) in tow. Travis explains that the police are convinced he’s involved with a gang operation to smuggle a load of antiquities out of Morocco, but Travis swears he hasn’t got a clue what they’re talking about.

Meanwhile, Garth is home alone in Chigwell, but soon he’s facing an inquisitive and slightly sinister Insurance assessor, who is determined to find out the truth behind Sharon’s latest attempt to get something for nothing – a compensation fraud. Garth hatches a plan to see him off once and for all with the help of a face from the past.

Back in Tangier, a further mishap ensues with the Birds getting kidnapped by some unsavoury types. Suddenly Rupert appears to save the day and tells Tracey that their kidnapping proves that the gang believe Travis knows a lot more than he’s letting on. Dorien suspects Rupert staged the kidnap to gain their trust. The Birds drive off without him but they run out of petrol in the middle of the desert. Dorien’s not prepared to sit around doing nothing, so she heads off into the desert for help.

Sharon and Tracey spend a fitful night in the desert and out of the shimmering heat haze they see someone approaching on a camel – it’s Dorien doing an Omar Sharif. Turns out there’s a Holiday Inn just over the next sand dune but Dorien got distracted by a charming man and cocktails.

After more run ins with Rupert, the Birds find themselves trapped in Morocco with a dodgy gang after them – how will they escape? And will they get back to Chigwell in time for Christmas?

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