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In 2016, ITV showed:

  • The most watched entertainment show I’m a Celebrity - 12.7m on 13th November

  • The most watched soap on any channel Coronation Street averaged 7.6m

  • The most watched sport England's match against Iceland on the 27th June 2016 averaged 15.2m and 60% from kick off to final whistle with a peak of 16.9m
  • The most watched current affairs programme Europe Referendum Debate was watched by 4.4m and 18% on the 7th June 2016

Source: BARB/Techedge Jan - Nov 2016
Source: BARB/AdvantEdge 1st Jan-27th Nov 2016

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Channel Highlights

ITV is the only commercial channel that regularly attracts big audiences

  • ITV accounts for 99% (99.2%!) of commercial programmes attracting more than 5m viewers
  • Average weekly reach is 67% 
  • The top 642 commercial programmes of 2016 were on ITV

And, in an average week ITV reaches: 

  • 66% ABC1’s
  • 63% ABC1 Men 
  • 55% 16-34's
  • 59% 16-34 Women
  • 76% Housewives

ITV outperforms the commercial broadcast market in terms of social conversation:

  • In 2016, ITV programmes generated 14.9m tweets
  • 5 of the Top 10 most tweeted about programmes were on ITV, with The X Factor taking first place with 2.0m tweets and Love Island a close second at 1.6m.

Source: BARB/AdvantEdge, Average Weekly Reach based on 3m+ consecutive mins during Weeks 1-53 2015, 
Kantar Instar Social, 1st Jan - 31st Dec 2016

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