ITV Breakfast Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities on Good Morning Britain and Lorraine are a lot more than just Airtime. We offer exclusive commercial packages sold separately from the rest of ITV.


An in-house sales team dedicated to Breakfast enables us to concentrate on the unique strengths of the ITV Breakfast package.
A close working relationship with our editorial team means that we are in a unique position to tie-in advertising with programming content.
We know our product inside out and advise agencies on specific upcoming opportunities where their advertising can work in a distinctly relevant environment.


An excellent programming environment, coupled with high indices among key audiences, makes Good Morning Britain & Lorraine the natural choice for sponsors who want to reach adults, women, working women, housewives, parents, families and children.
The frequency of exposure on ITV Breakfast tends to be higher than that on other channels, with most of the sponsored properties appearing more than twice a day.


The website reflects our unparalleled mix of on-screen programming. In addition, it provides extra content outside broadcast hours. This includes exclusive celebrity web-chats, feature articles, in-depth topical news, competitions, lifestyle and advice.
The website pages dedicated to Lorraine & Daybreak are an advertising solution which is one of the most flexible in the realm of digital advertising. We can offer bespoke campaigns and creative executions. 

Advertising Opportunities online include:

  • Leaderboards
  • Skytowers
  • MPUs
  • Overlays
  • Homepage push down
  • Rich media formats & ad streaming
  • Advertorials
  • Section and newsletter sponsorship
  • Competitions
  • Microsites
  • Co-branding
  • Fully-branded video players and pre-roll advertising within the video player.

The Good Morning Britian & Lorraine websites also benefit from frequent on-screen referrals.

What ITV Breakfast Opportunities can do for brands:


Our competitions offer excellent brand exposure:  

  • 15 to 35 logos per week – up to 7 per day
  • 15 to 35 verbal credits – up to 7 per day

Competition format: 
Bespoke films linked to prize*

Length of transmissions:
Up to 17 minutes a week approximate exposure

Previous Prize Partners include: Virgin, OK!, Mazda Motors UK, Thomson, Flash, Waitrose, Aldi, First Choice, General Motors, Center Parcs, Mercedes-Benz World, IKEA, Citroen, Horlicks , Direct Holidays, Thomas Cook, P&O, Sony,, Lookers Cars, and MyDeco.Com.

Available downloads

Advertising Guidelines

At ITV Breakfast we have many opportunities for online advertising. We have created guides for you to explore these opportunities as well as examples to help you in the decision making process about which one suits you best.

We have put all relevant information into these documents below but if you have any technical questions please do not hesitate to contact James Grierson -

If you need more sales related advice or wish to book, please contact Sam Carrington on 020 7827 7270 or James Broad on 020 7827 7104.